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Into the lion’s maw

Hillary Clinton makes her first appearance as a candidate on Fox News' Fox and Friends this morning, broadcasting from an Iowa diner before heading out on the Hillocopter. Sound bite: "I'm glad to be on your show." That alone is controversial in some quarters of her party. Asked what the top issues are, she lists Iraq and health care.

Fox bites McCain

Incredible. Fox goes after John McCain's campaign to cease and desist use of a clip from the last debate that has the Fox logo on it. It would be shocking enough for Fox to go after a citizen who put this online -- and we should all fight for that citizen's right to do so. It's all the more shocking that Fox is going after a presidential candidate. It's triply shocking that Fox is going after Republican McCain. This precisely why we have been fighting for the networks to assure that they would make debate footage available to all of us. When I spoke with FoxNews about their policy in May, they said they would abide by fair comment and use. Well, as Stanford's Lawrence Lessig has pointed out often, this is the problem with fair use: you can argue about it (and have to hire attorneys to do so). McCain, to his credit, is telling Fox to shove it. But one way to solve this is for all the candidates to pledge that they will not appear on any network's debate unless that network frees the footage for all candidates and citizens. It is, after all, our election. The AP reports:
In the ad, McCain is shown at the debate saying: "A few days ago, Senator Clinton tried to spend $1 million on the Woodstock concert museum." "Now my friends, I wasn't there. I'm sure it was a cultural and pharmaceutical event," he says. "I was tied up at the time." It was a referance to the 5 1/2 years McCain spent in a North Vietnamese prison. The Fox News logo is in the corner of the ad. But Fox News bars candidates from using debate clips in ads, and officials there sent a cease and desist letter to McCain. McCain rejected the request, arguing that he is within the law's "fair use" rights to use an 18-second clip of a 90-minute debate.
Here's the commercial. Take that, Fox:

Badge of dishonor

Just as John Edwards proudly displays every attack on him by Ann Coulter, so does Chris Dodd wear an attack from Bill O'Reilly -- over going to the Kos convention -- as a feather in his cap.

Fox and the debate(s)

I talked to a Fox News spokesman about their policy on use of video from tonight's Republican debate. Rather than opening up some, as MSNBC has done, or fully, as CNN has done, they're playing a big coy: They say that we should consult our attorneys regarding fair use. The use of the word "attorney" makes it sound like a threat (it's a word that scares anyone except a politician) but that doesn't seem to be the intent. As I understand it, they respect fair use and if you think you can justify that your use is fair (and balanced?) then they won't hassle you.

The blog show meets Kerry

Conservative David All of TechRepublican and liberal Jerome Armstrong of MyDD have lain down together -- in the lamb/lion sense, that is -- to create a web TV show, DomeNation. And they just bagged John Kerry:
Kerry is now the bloggers' buddy; I know because I get constant email from his people. Kerry says he has "met with bloggers all over the country." Bloggers, he says, operate "without some of the cynicism and prejudice of the mainstream media" and "they have been a terrific truth and accountability squad for real information and it's really changed politics." Asked whether he'll reach out to conservative bloggers, too, Kerry says, "let's have at it." "YouTube is spectacular. I'm a subscriber," he says. He talks about "dialing through it." What a quaint view; how rabbit ears of him. Other amusing moment: his plural of forum is fori. Also fun: Kerry bragging about his motorcycles and sports. "It has changed politics too because you have the instant accountability for what you say and what you do and there's no privacy, in a way. Some may say that's bad but you just gotta know when you're around, when you're in public you're in public. . . . It's good, I think it's good. It creates an openness and accountability." "YouTube is a wonderful medium for getting the truth out there." He says he wishes he had had it to deal with the Swift Boaters. Here's part two with Kerry: the book plug. * No matter Kerry prefers YouTube to old TV. The producers of OutFoxed just put up a compilation of FoxNews' attacks on Kerry in 2004.

Good on MSNBC

Mark Memmott at USA Today reports that MSNBC did ease its rules for use of the Republican debate video -- and good for them. The no-internet restriction was taken out. The other rules were not as direct as CNN's no-restrictions-whatsoever rule, so Memmott questioned MSNBC's spokesman.
MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines just e-mailed us to say that the news network did change its usage rules before it hosted the first two debates. MSNBC's new language (in this case, as stated before the GOP debate): News organizations, including radio, network television, cable television, local television, and news and information websites may use excerpts of "The Republican Candidates' Debate" only subject to the following restrictions: 1. On television, an unobstructed onscreen credit "MSNBC /" must appear during each debate excerpt and remain on screen for the entire excerpt. On the internet, video must stream with the unobstructed credit as described above, or links to MSNBC.COM and for the duration of the stream.
A later exchange:
Gaines of MSNBC says in an e-mail to us that: "News and information websites can use the video with the same restrictions as broadcast outlets. So, yes, they can download and have on their site and edit. Just like other television networks." Still to be determined, we presume: exactly what is a "news and information website."
Memmott also heard from FoxNews that they are not opening up their debate footage. I put in emails to a FoxNews exec to make sure that is the latest word; haven't heard back yet.


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