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Can’t stay away

Chris Dodd makes a video thank-you note to his supporters. He's about as prompt with this as I always was sending thank-you notes to Aunt Hilda for her handerchiefs.


Joe says farewell. His last YouTube campaign video: And here's Chris Dodd's good-bye. We at PrezVid will miss him, for he made more creative (if long) use of YouTube in his campaign. Apparently that won't win you elections yet. Meanwhile, Mike Gravel is NOT saying good-bye (and who thought he would ever?). This is his briefest video ever, telling Olberman that reports of his political demise are exaggerated.

Dodd ad: That experience thing

Chris Dodd practically begs for caucus friends. "Some people say I have too much experience to run for President. But the more you hear my opponents, the more you wonder whether you have enough." Too much? Says who?

Q & Dodd

Chris Dodd answers YouTubers' questions and dares to go up against the real kingmaker in American politics. Sound bite: "Most Iowans get a little offended by the idea that somehow I'm going to vote for you because you brought Oprah to town. I mean, that's just a little offensive.. Or the idea that because my husband was the president that's justification." Then Dodd plays a round of the new game, Constitutional Or Not?

Not the winners’ circle

Ned Lamont, the hapless sacrificial lamb who lost in Connecticut to Joe Lieberman, goes to Iowa to endorse his neighbor, Chris Dodd.

Dodd Ad: “I Am”

As the primaries fast approach, Chris Dodd tells voters who he is in this 30-second spot. Sound Bite: “I’m not a former first lady. Or a celebrity.”

Give that boy a gold star

Chris Dodd is ready with the answer to a trivia question about John F. Kennedy's performance in Iowa.

Dodd Ads: “View from the Shop” and “Duet”

Senator Chris Dodd has a couple of new ads -- featuring the rather mousy catchphrase: “Why Not Dodd?” -- that tout him as THE candidate who can bring Republicans and Democrats together. View from the Shop A couple of barbers hanging out in their empty shop watch a Hillary TV ad -- “Is that a new plan?” says one. “The only way you’re going to get healthcare passed,” says the other “is to bring Democrats and Republicans together.” Duet After a long morning of not cutting hair, the barbers break for coffee and watch a feisty John Edwards on the luncheonette's TV. “There’s a lot of talk about fighting out there . . . We need a President who’s about results.”

One video too many

Chris Dodd puts up a video of himself being interviewed in Spanish. The first problem, for those of us who don't speak Spanish, is that it's in Spanish. But for those who do, it's still impossible to understand anything because the sound is awful. But here are nine minutes of video. Watch the first 10 seconds you and you get the point.

Dodd’s promise

Chris Dodd has a 24-minute video chat with bloggers at FireDogLake about his opposition to immunity for telecom companies in the wiretapping affair. He put a hold on the bill and if it makes it to the floor, he vows to filibuster.

Kingmaker Kos?

In a split-screen interview, Josh Marshall treats Markos Moulitsas Daily Kos as a kingmaker and Kos doesn't demur. Marshall quotes Kos saying that he wouldn't issue an endorsement but then Kos goes ahead and hands down his tablets. True to the netroots m.o., he starts with the negative. Kos has completely eliminated Biden and Kucinich. He's "skeptical" about Clinton. Cough Cough. He has ruled out Edwards over taking public funds, capping his campaign spending. And that leaves Dodd -- whom he voted for in a straw poll because "it was a way to reward his behavior in the Iraq debate" -- and Obama. "I like Dodd better," he says. He says he wants Dodd's rhetoric in Obama's body (if he ever said that the other way around, there'd be a firestorm). He says Dodd is running on a platform of restoring the Bill of Rights -- "I mean, how much more inspiring can you get?" He acknowledges that "a vote for Chris Dodd would probably be a wasted vote." Sounds like a tapioca endorsement of Obama. He complains that Obama is playing it safe, "which you only get to do if you're the frontrunner." And he's not. "It's very uninspiring," Kos complains. He contrasts it with the Howard Dean campaign, which "empowered people." Ah, those were the netroots days. Kos acknowledges that Clinton has "run the perfect race." Even as other candidates are getting known, she's still surging in the polls "and that is pretty damned impressive." He says she is "ruthlessly on-message."


I think Chris Dodd is winning awards for the longest YouTube video. But that's not criticism. If you want to watch his entire stump speech, here's your chance. I wish the other candidates would do likewise.

Dodd vs. Frontrunners on Iraq

At the Democratic debate at Dartmouth College on September 26, Tim Russert asked the candidates if they would pledge that all US troops would be out of Iraq by January 2013. Obama, Clinton and Edwards weren’t going to step into that minefield. But Senator Dodd did. Sound Bite: [Dodd] “I will get that done.”

The new press conference

Chris Dodd uses YouTube to plug the bill he cosponsored to restore habeas corpus. Before YouTube, how could a candidate or a politician get such a spiel before the public: a press release? a press conference? a struggle to get on a Sunday-morning show? Now, they can just turn on the camera and send it to YouTube, which may be just about as effective as PR. By the way, somebody should buy the guy a microphone.

Spartanburg’s bravest

Rudy Giuliani's having problems with New York's firefighters but he found a chief in Spartanburg to endorse him: Meanwhile, a firefighters' organization, the IAFF, endorses Chris Dodd on a long video here.


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