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Cheap Provigil From India

Cheap Provigil from india, Tom Hanks endorses Obama with a wink of irony:

Sound bite: "As an official celebrity, I know my endorsement has just made your mind up for you."

Sound bite: "We now now watched the campaign for months as the candidates have pretended to eat cheesesteak sandwiches and go bowling."

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Pharmacy Rivotril

Pharmacy Rivotril, Rosie O'Donnell tells Sam Harris (who's going for Obama but protests a half-dozen times that, you know, he loves Hillary) that she wants an Obama/Clinton ticket. "If they work together, discount Rivotril, Cheap Rivotril online cheap, it'll be 16 years.... It has to happen, purchase Rivotril, αγοράσετε Rivotril, or it won't happen."

Harris says that if a Republican wins, he's thinking Canada, acquistare a buon mercato Rivotril. Ordering Rivotril from canada, Rosie says that she met McCain at a rehabilitation center for veterans. He says her, North Dakota ND , Connecticut CT Conn. , "You're like me, what you think, online Rivotril, Ordering Rivotril online without prescription, you say.... I have faith in this man much more than I had faith in any of the Bushes."

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Can’t dance to it

Barack Obama stars in a music video, sort of. of Black Eyed Peas and Jesse Dylan, Bob Dylan's son, brought together a bunch of celebs -- Scarlett Johansson, John Legend, Herbie Hancock, Kate Walsh, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Adam Rodriquez, Kelly Hu, Adam Rodriquez, Amber Valetta, Nick Cannon -- to cover Obama's New Hampshire primary speech. Here's Ari Melber's report on the video and here's's:
It was inspired, told ABC's Alisha Davis, by Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign and in particular by the speech he has gave after the New Hampshire primary. "It made me reflect on the freedoms I have, going to school where I went to school, and the people that came before Obama like Martin Luther King, presidents like Abraham Lincoln that paved the way for me to be sitting here on ABCNews and making a song from Obama's speech," said. "The speech was inspiring about making change in America and I believe what it says and I hope everybody votes," Dylan said.
Here's the Viral Video Chart's tracking of the video's rise -- 200,000 views in a day: To me, this only underscores the notion that Obama's campaign is the most rhetorical of the bunch: speeches and slogans so neat they can fit in 4/4 time.

And John has…

John McCain holds his 100th town hall meeting. It's a best-of collection of McCain soundbites. And then he brings out his celeb: Sound bite: "I got my own Chuck Norris, my friends: Wilford Brimley, right here." Couldn't you have found anyone younger than you, John?

Huck has Chuck….

...and Dennis has Viggo Mortensen. But then, he also has Elizabeth. He flew the red-eye because he was pissed that ABC slighted Kucinich by not including him in on the debate. Sound bite: "The mainstream media has picked up this new word change. It ought to be a new word."

Chuck told you so

Chuck Norris claims victory:

Hollywood speaks

Sean Penn endorses Dennis Kucinich with prescient political punditry: Sound bite: "If those of us who believe in the Constitution, all of us, vote for Dennis Kunich, he'll be elected. Can we call him electable then?" If all of us with body hair voted for me, I'd be elected.

And he can kickbox

Chuck Norris explains how he discovered, researched, and came to back Mike Huckabee. Whoever's questioning him says he had to go to that much work considering "your position." God, I hope whoever that is has a sense of irony.

Kodachrome op

Paul Simon hangs out with the Dodd family on the bus:


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