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Welcome to the NFL

Hillary Clinton got bad marks from some political analysts for her performance in last night’s debate and today she accuses the boys of ganging up and piling on. Presumably her campaign staff thinks this is a clever spot, but their time might better have been spent helping her develop straightforward answers about Iraq, Iran, Social Security, raising taxes and whether or not illegals should get driver's licenses.

McCain Ad: “Guts”

The latest ad from Senator John McCain emphasizes his record in opposing “wasteful spending by Congress.”

Learner’s Permit

In last night’s Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton gave a convoluted answer to a question about whether she supported NY Governor Eliot Spitzer’s policy that allows illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses. Chris Dodd and Tim Russert try to pin her down but Hillary loses them in traffic. John Edwards doubles back and honks his horn. Sound Bite: “Unless I missed something, Senator Clinton said two different things in the course of about two minutes.” Today on Laura Ingraham’s radio show, Governor Romney weighs in on Hillary’s performance. Sound Bite: “She was tap-dancing so much that I thought I tuned into Dancing with The Stars.

Obama Wins (Says Fox)

For most of the Democratic candidates, the Fox News Channel is on the "pay no mind" list. Except, of course, if Fox runs a report that says you won last night's debate in Philadelphia, then your campaign posts that clip.

Republican? Not me

At last nights' Democratic debate, Brian Williams tries to goad the fight between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, referring to a New York Times story in which Obama vowed to get tougher on Clinton. But here, he demurs. "Some of this stuff gets overhyped." Instead, he complains about her flipflops and then says merely that "that doesn't give us the clear contrast that we need." As if in a virtual debate, the Clinton campaign responds to that video posted by Obama's campaign with this video on her YouTube site. Here's Hillary giving her bona fides to argue that she's no Republican.

Where was Mike

Mike Gravel's pissed at being excluded from last night's MSNBC Democratic debate and here was his call for an alternate debate: just Mike:

The good bits

It's turning out to be fascinating watching what sound bites the campaigns pick after debates to represent their best moments. Below, we have John Edwards lecturing us about lobbyists. Here is Joe Biden's "straight talk" -- their description. First, on the resolution for war: He says voting for the war raised the price of oil, emboldened George Bush to do what he wants, and drove moderates in Afghanistan and Pakistan underground. "All it has done is hurt us." Next, Iran: "What is the greatest threat to America: 2.6 kilograms of enriched uranium in Tehran or an out-of-control Pakistan? It's not even close." Rudy Giuliani: "There's only three things he mentions in a sentence: a noun and verb and 9/11... This man is truly not qualified to be president.... I'm looking forward to running against Rudy Giuliani." Chinese toy imports: "If I were president, I'd shut down, flat shut down any imports from China. Period, in terms of toys." He's on a roll.

Who’s to blame

John Edwards, at the latest debate, continues to run against lobbyists. He says we don't have health care because of medical companies and their lobbyists and we haven't tackled global warming because of energy companies and their lobbyists. "We've all stood by and let this happen and that includes me, I'm guilty." Sound bite: "Are you willing to look your children in the eye tonight and say, 'I'm turning this mess over to you.'?"

Groove Master

Barack Obama busts a move on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Sound Bite: “I’m pretty sure I’ve got better moves than Giuliani.” Later on Ellen, the Senator talks about balancing work and family and how he met his wife Michelle.

Learning from the Master

MSNBC reports that “As Sen. Barack Obama prepared for Tuesday night’s crucial NBC debate in Philadelphia, his high command back in Chicago was watching a lot of old Clinton videotape — not of Hillary Clinton, but of Bill, and not of Bill as president, but of Bill as a fresh-faced candidate of 46 (which happens to be Obama’s age) in 1991 and 1992.” Why should the Obama "high command" have all the fun? Here are a couple of clips of the youthful Bill Clinton taking on President George H. W. Bush and Ross Perot.

VoterVid: Ron Paul Revolution

As Halloween approaches, let’s hear from a Ron Paul supporter. Sound Bite: “Sadly, dark days have befallen our country and one man stands alone. One honest man stands alone above the parcel of rogues that run this country.”

Romney Jabs Hillary

In an interview last night with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, Mitt Romney says Hillary Clinton is “uniquely unqualified” to become president and zings her with a loaded characterization. Sound Bite: “She hasn’t run anything and the government of the United States is not a place for a President to be an intern.”

Romney Endorsement

Mitt Romney picks up an endorsement from New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg. Sound Bite: “We have an individual in Mitt Romney who approaches issues from a fiscally conservative manner. Someone who understands that it’s your money, not the government’s money, that’s being spent in Washington.”

Clinton Ad: “There for You”

This Hallmark card of an ad from the Clinton campaign is aimed at senior citizens. Viewer Discretion Advised: The cliched black-and-white still photos of old folks and the treacly soundtrack may make you hope you die before you grow old. Sound Bite: “When George Bush threatened to privatize Social Security, Hillary was there, fighting every step of the way to stop him.”

Giuliani Ad: “Chances”

A new radio ad running in New Hampshire highlights Rudy’s position on healthcare reform: tax deductions for those who purchase their own health insurance. Sound Bite: “Government has never been able to reduce cost. Government never increases quality. We have the best healthcare system in the world. We just have to make it better.”


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