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Archive for August, 2007

VoterVid: Republican Debate Questions

Nearly 1500 voter videos have been submitted for the CNN/YouTube Republican debate. Here are some recent questions: The very expressive Chuck from NJ asks the metaphysical question: “What is a Republican?” Thanks to Michael Vick, dog fighting is on this young Californian’s mind. A retired (gay) Brigadier General asks the gays in the military question. Growing hemp is the burning issue of the day for this voter.

Fred’s new show

Just in time for the fall TV season, Fred Thompson finally announces he'll announce. He's telling the nation what the nation already knows in a webcast on Sept. 6.

Romney Ad: Leadership

Mitt Romney jogs and works up a sweat in his latest campaign ad - he’s got “the energy and experience to turn around Washington.” (How do you sweat and still look groomed and polished?)

McCain: Back on the Stump

John McCain relaunches his campaign with this 12-minute bio clip that focuses on his military service and experiences as a POW. His story remains heroic and compelling, of course, but it's hard to jumpstart a campign once it stalls.

Category Five

It’s two years after Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans is facing another windstorm as politicians descend upon the city blowing hot air. The federal government is failing the people, says John Edwards, but he knows how to fix things. “Sound Bite: We don’t need a surge in Baghdad, We need a surge in New Orleans.”

The New Orleans tour

Barack Obama tours New Orleans before the Katrina advertising: a church, a school, a neighborhood. Sound bite: "If we don't get this right, it tells me that we as a nation have forgotten how to care for each other."

Sell me

Mitt Romney campaign invites users, formerly known as voters, to make his TV ad. CNN gets all excited, calling it a first. But as we reported here earlier, Dennis Kucinich asked for people to make his ads a few weeks ago. They're using a rather complicated (and I'm a geek) service called Jumpcut. There they provide clips that can be made into parodies galore. Can't wait.

McCain Sighting

The disappearing candidate shows up on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. McCain says Rumsfeld was “one of the worst Secretaries of Defense in history. It was like watching a train wreck. . .” McCain: “I think every politician’s worst nightmare is YouTube.”


Governor Romney contrasts his plans for the US economy with those of the leading Democrats. Sound Bite: “We’ve got three people on the Democratic side who are all running for President, not one of them has ever had any experience, really, leading or managing . . . these guys have never run a corner store.”

Candidate Feelgood

America just needs a big hug. Whew! That felt good. Everything is going to be OK now.

The health care race

And while John Edwards and Mitt Romney (both below), among others, are trying to claim health care as their issues, here's Hillary Clinton laying her claim. Listening to YouTube the last few days, you'd think this election isn't about Iraq but about health care. Maybe now it is. Clinton at the Livestrong event: Sound bite: "The president of the United States has been leading an assault on science and research... We have a lot of cleaning up to do when we finally say goodbye to the Bush-Cheney administration.: And here's Clinton at a Dartmouth health-care facility: Sound bite: "I believe it's time we had a health care system that lives up to the Hippocratic Oath."

Food fight

More from John Edwards on health care (see the post directly below): He combines two favorite themes -- health care and lobbying -- saying that it was the health care lobbyists who killed Hillary Clinton's reforms in the 1990s. Sound bite: "My lesson is not he same as hers. Her lesson is, 'give 'em a seat a the table.' That's what I heard her say just a few minutes ago. I think if you give drug companies' and insurance companies' lobbyists a seat at the table, they'll eat all the food. I think you have to take their power away from them... They have to be beaten. That's the way you get universal health care." And yet more on health care here. In this video, we hear a cancer survivor telling of a call with her sister in the cause, Elizabeth Edwards, who also speaks: Amazing that Edwards is trying to steal the health care issue from Clinton. He's banging it like a nail.

‘Cause I’m the Taxman, yeah, the Taxman

John Edwards wants “the richest Americans” (including dead rich Americans) to pay more taxes in order to fund universal health care. Sound Bite: “We’re headed toward being a country made up of a few rich people and everybody else. That’s not the America we want to live in.”

Bring Back Janet Reno

Commenting on the resignation of Alberto Gonzales, Hillary Clinton talks about the qualities she’d like to see in the new attorney general. Sound Bite: “We need to be especially vigilant and strong in making sure that whoever the President appoints will work with the congress to bring us back from this precipice that this administration has put us on -- where we have lost our moral standing in the world . . ."

Sunday Service

Barack Obama preaches at New Orleans' First Emmanuel Baptist Church, which was refurbished following Hurricane Katrina and featured in a television "makeover" show. Sound Bite: “What we need now is an extreme makeover in Washington.” (Isn’t it creepy when leading Democratic candidates change the way they speak when appearing before predominantly black audiences in the South?) After the service, Obama took a walking tour of a New Orleans neighborhood. Details on his plan to help restore the city here.


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